09 Aug

Cloud Computing: What You Need to Know as a Consumer

The first thing consumers should know about cloud computing is that it is a service-based model. This is different from the past where software was really a piece of merchandise purchased at a store or downloaded to a local computer. Cloud computing provides consumers with services that are metered or purchased on a monthly basis. One example is a word processor. The cloud-computing model means a person subscribes to a word processor that is accessed online instead of purchasing a box and installing the application locally.

The second thing consumers should know is that cloud computing only exists Continue Reading »

18 Jun

In the Cloud: Are Your Documents Safe?

These days, people expect to have access to all of their files and documents when they are on the go. And with the invention of cloud computing software in addition to the number of mobile devices that support this software these days, this is now more of a possibility than ever. However, for those who are relying on their cloud to keep all of their files and documents in one easily accessible place, it is often a good idea to take a step back and ensure that your Continue Reading »

29 Apr

How to Protect Your Identity Online

Very few events are as devastating as having one’s identity stolen. Not only could bank accounts be cleared out and one’s credit score ruined, they could also be putting their family in immediate danger to these malicious parties. It can be all too easy to let one’s guard down while surfing the internet, but a few simple steps can be taken to dramatically reduce the risk of identity theft online.

The first step is to never use a public computer or wifi connection for any financially-related activities. This includes making any Continue Reading »

27 Apr

Cell Phone Hacking Could be Coming to the US

The risks of having your data and sensitive information stolen by an unauthorized user may no longer be limited to personal computers and conventional devices. The growing power and sophistication that smartphones and other mobile devices have to offer have made them an increasingly attractive target for viruses, hackers and other malicious users. Doing all you can to protect yourself and the sensitive information that may be stored on your phone can be a difficult undertaking for those who know little of such matters. Learning more about this issue will allow you be more effective in Continue Reading »

23 Apr

The Best Smartphone Apps

For the past few short years, smartphones have been taking over the world slowly but surely. One of the biggest reasons behind the success of these devices is that they are miniature computers that allow you to not only stay in touch with your friends, family members and associates via phone calls and text messaging but via the web as well. In addition to that, with a smartphone you can also keep entertained, stay productive and organized, keep on top of your finances and even shop via the device. Continue Reading »

22 Apr

Best Apps for Your Tablet

Seeking out and making use of the best mobile apps and software selection can ensure that you are able to make the most out of your tablet or other mobile device. Having access to such a powerful and sophisticated tool, only to limit its usefulness or fail to make use of the best selection of software and features, would be a very unfortunate missed opportunity. Outlining your needs, assessing the options and utilizing a superior range of applications can turn your tablet into a more effective and versatile tool that Continue Reading »

21 Apr

How to Break Your Social Media Addiction

The advantages, convenience and opportunities that social media has to offer has made it a very popular method of communication. Drawing a line in terms of when your social media efforts are worthwhile and when they may be distracting your from more important matters and social opportunities. Users who may be concerned with using social media sites and services to a degree that begins to interfere with other issues and more important matters may benefit from learning more effective ways to reduce their Continue Reading »

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